Sydneys Longest Moving Walkway

  About the Domain Car Park Express Walkway

  One of the highlights of the Domain Car Park in Sydney is the Express Walkway (Aka Moving Walkway, Travelator,
  Moving Footway).The Express Walkway offers customers the ultimate in access to the city centre. The walkway has 2
  convenient exits, the first exiting at St Mary's Cathedral on the corner of College Street and Prince Albert Road and the
  second exiting near the corner of College Street and Macquarie Street. After exiting it is only a very short walk to reach
  major attractions such as Hyde Park, David Jones, Pitt Street Mall and Martin Place.

  Interesting facts:

  • The Express Walkway features a painted mural along the length of the walkway that depicts
    aboriginal and local scenes
  • The length of the Express Walkway measured from comb plate to comb plate is 207 metres in length
  • The speed that the Express Walkway travels at is a comfortable 0.67 metres per second.
    (The optimal speed for passenger comfort and safety)
  • The Express Walkway is most likely the longest continuous moving walkway in Australia
    and the Southern Hemisphere and reportedly the third longest in the world.

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