Pre-Book Parking

Pre-Book Parking

Don't you wish you could reserve a car space in the city for that special event you want to attend? Without breaking the bank?

Well now, thanks to the Domain Car Park, you can book a parking spot just minutes from the city, the Domain, Sydney's Art Gallery and other attractions!

Our pre-booking system means you can reserve a space up to 3 months in advance and even if the rest of the car park is full.

It's simple to do. Just click the link below for a free quote and fill out details of your booking.  We will email you a receipt and confirmation of your guaranteed car space.

How to use your pre-paid booking:

• On the day of your booking bring your confirmation email and enter the PIN number followed by the # key when you enter the car park
• A parking ticket will be automatically issued to you - and you can park in any space not marked with a "Reserved" sign
• Validate your ticket at any Auto Pay Machine when exiting - and you are on your way!

It's as simple as that! Now you can finally book cheap parking in the city for that special occasion and avoid the hassles of Sydney's traffic jams.

*Please note: Pre-booked parking is not currently available for Evening Rate (After 5pm).

Height restriction 1.9m


  • Simply complete the pre-booking enquiry with the date you wish to park
  • Select the number of spaces required
  • Enter your contact details to complete your booking,
  • You will then receive an email confirmation and receipt.

PLEASE NOTE: A $5.00 administration fee is included for pre-bookings.


STEP 1 - Bring your email confirmation

  • Print out your email confirmation and bring it with you to Domain Car Park.

STEP 2 - Entering the car park

  • Enter the PIN number on your email confirmation followed by the # key into the number pad.
  • A parking ticket will be automatically issued to you from the ticket spitter. (Please note there may be a short delay)
  • If a number has been entered incorrectly, simply press # to start again.
  • Where to park - You may park your Vehicle in any parking space not marked with a "Reserved" signage.
  • When exiting, validate your ticket at an Auto Pay Machine and then proceed directly to the exit gates.

STEP 3 - Exiting the car park

  • Simply drive to the express exit gates and insert the parking ticket into the ticket reader.

Number Pad

Auto Pay Machine